Saturday, February 26, 2011


All those appearing for their boards this year are caught in a frenzy of  finishing their revision, clarifying last minute doubts, facing insomnia, having parents tell them to quit eating junk for a while and rely on the nutritious home cooked food..etc etc..all this is NOTHING beyond the usual!!! we might judiciously add that this is a frequent phenomenon and something that we see happening EACH passing year... 

However, i am one of those fortunate or unfortunate people who gets to see the other side of the coin too. having a sibling appearing for the boards in two days time is simply amazing... especially, if your sibling doesn't give two hoots about the same!!! with his boards round the corner, he cant do anything but think of 24th march as salvation day!!! instead of gearing up for his English paper, he is thinking of gobbling a deliciously tempting cheese burst pizza from a pizza joint!!! if not that, he's been kind enough to agree and settle upon a grill sandwich  from the all time favorite and exceedingly famous "preethi sandwich" wala!! 

just recently, he had a friend coming over to apparently discuss a few doubts and jot down a few pointers that might prove to be handy for last minute revisions. while i sat idly, sipping a cup of tea and hiding behind the morning daily, I realized ,after a point of time, that they did everything other than discuss pointers!!! my awesome brother was way too interested in giving him a detailed account of all the different crazy stuff that he'd planned to do on and after the 24th of march and his friend claimed to still try and figure out all that he could do during the 3 month leisurely holidays!! i thought that i might just butt in and act a little high handed!! i am the elder sister after all!! hahaa.. however, on being asked to keep quiet and focus on the task at hand, they simply asked me to chill and plan the fish pedicure that i have been wanting to do since agesssssss now!!! 

sighh!!! such are the ways of the younger brother's who know which buttons to push so that those who ask them to do something vital are lost in the beautiful fancy world for a while at least!! as far as i am concerned, i simply left them to do their stuff on being reminded about the relaxing fish pedicure!!!  why, i had to plan things with a friend who is as keen as i am to do the same!! haaa!! but not before i made him agree upon a little deal to pay for my sexy pedicure!!! :D