Saturday, August 21, 2010

A bond so strong..

every night she gazed at the sky,

looking at the moon she wondered why,

why was it that she had to loose,

and all that she loved was just a muse.

her heart ached with sorrow,

her thoughts glaring at tomorrow,

she thought what her existence symbolized,

coz she thought she had no strength left to emerge and rise.

she wanted to end it, end it all,

the sorrow, the misery, the pain,

she wanted to cry out aloud,

that sympathy was just an overshadowed fake cloud.

just then her baby reached out to her,

and curled his fingers around hers,

cooed to her with unspeakable love,

and wet her dress in timid innocence.

she laughed inspite of herself,

her bosom glowing with pride,

today she knew how and why,

would she truly emerge and rise.

she kissed him tenderly and established a bond,

a bond so irrevocable and strong,

she heaved with relief and let out a sigh,

knowing that tomorrow she wouldn't regret and cry.


  1. Very nice shreyu :)...keep writing

  2. Shreeey this is the BOMB :)
    It is awesome! :D
    Im so proud to have such a talented sister ;) :D
    Hehe, keep writingggg, waiting to read moree
    Love youu and youurrr worrk :*

  3. @ pri: awww my lil babyyyyy.. i luv u sooo muchhh!!! muahhh :*<3... n thnk u 4 appreciating my efforts!!