Saturday, November 27, 2010

is 26/11 being overshadowed by a cloud of apathy?

Two years back, 26/11/2008, was the unfortunate day which brought the nation to a grinding halt. The nation was gripped under the worst possible terror attacks which targeted the elite and the common man alike. Tears were shed...for those you knew and for those you didn't. Your heart reached out to the brave hero's who laid their lives down so that the country could get a grip back and regain normalcy yet again.. You empathized with those who lost a kin..with those who frantically searched for their loved ones on the missing and the dead list, hoping and praying with all their heart that those in their family were unhurt and escaped the gory sights of inhumanity which gripped the nation. 

Today, two years down the line, one sees that little has changed. The man who brutally fired at the innocent masses sits in all glory in his cell and has the honor of being visited by by R.R. Patil who claims to be doing a routine check and seeing to it that the jail inmates are at ease... spends a few minutes exchanging pleasentries with the man who caused grief to the nation. It seems ironical doesn't it? Why does it take so long to bring him to justice, why is it so difficult to hang him till death..why is it that he is kept alive when those who lost a family member due to his insanity are still trying to come to terms with their loss?

lighting a candle in the wake of the 2nd anniversary of 26/11, circulating messages to all you know requesting them to wear white to show solidarity with those who lost a life and those who lost someone in their life etc. is definitely not something which will help. something you do for a day is not a mark of mourning or you feeling what those who witnessed the event feel. i might seem cynical or the most insensitive being on the face of earth but what i fail to comprehend is how is it going to help those who lost a kin if you and I wear white on 26/11? will it bring their loved ones back from the dead? will it show them that you care? 

do you and I actually feel what they did? you and I haven't lost the sole breadwinner in our and I aren't the ones who being left crippled and paralysed for the rest of our lives due to the misgivings of some cynical fool. you and I are not deemed unfit to support our families because our lives were turned upside down due to some idiot who came with the sole intention of disrupting the peace and harmony in a nation like ours. how does wearing white let you go through the trauma that they faced then? how does lighting a candle help you to understand the loving arms the father cradled their child in then? does that child who lost a father, who is left orphaned now come to terms with growing up without a father figure who was his idol? how does it put you in the shoes of the one who is deemed unfit to take care of his blind parents then? 

do you really think that standing together on a single day to mark an unfortunate event will help those whose lives were torn apart two years ago? what about 27/11 then? how conveniently have we forgotten the incident and moved on with our lives. i still cannot fathom the reasons that the government gives to keep QASAB alive.. why is he not taken to the gallows and hanged till death? is it so difficult to give him the death sentence? 

those who were affected by the terror attacks will definitely not get solace in the fact that the nation is trying to show unity with them and mark the 2nd anniversary by wearing white. it is only stringent action against Qasab which might give them some relief to know that the man who ruined their lives has finally being brought to justice. 

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